Nostromo's Incident
In space no one can hear you scream by harnois75-d4lg3vz

Fall on LV 426


First War on LV 426




Zeta 2 Reteculi

  • Drone Alien kill Ripley's Crew
  • Nostromo Explode
  • Ripley send the Drone Alien to Space
  • Ripley and Jones survive









Facehunger Alien

Drone Alien of Nostromo


The Nostromo's Incident was a confrontation between the Nostromo`s Crew and the Drone Alien (Nostromo), Weyland-Yutani was responseble for this incident there was a secret mission only Ash was charge without others knowing, it was concluded when Ripley send the Drone Alien (Nostromo) to Space.

History Edit

Crew Awakens

In deep space, a commercial starship UUCS Nostromo with 20.000.000 tons of mineral ore and crew 7 and a cat his in journey to return to earth, the computer call

Mother intercep a unkown transmisson stop the journey and awake the crew from their cryo-sleep capsules, in the breakfearst Chief Engennier Parker and the Engineering Technician Samuell Brett talk about the money, Mother call Captain Dallas go to speak the Mother, the

The crew try contact Earth.

crew go to the bridge to contact Earth but they see they aren't their System they are in Zeta 2 Reteculi. Dallas call everyone to the dinner room, when they gathering Dallas informed them they are half journey to home and tell them the Mother stop the journey and interceped a transmisson, they thinking it is a S.O.S. They talking to go investigate but the Chief Engennier Parker refuse because about the money but Dallas and the Cientist Ash convince him to go because if they don't investigate there receive nothing and so they go. When enter the control room the Navigation Officer Lambert turn on and they listen a alien voice of the signal, they located it in one of 3 moons the second call LV-426 of the Planet Calpamos the scanning show that it can set foot and they go.

Nostromo aproaching on Calpamos

Aproaching on the planet Calpamos the crew preparing to go, when getting close to LV-426 the crew go in separete mode and going front following the signal, aproaching on LV 426 the Nostromo navegate toward of LV 426 and enter in
Nostromo Detach

Nostromo go in separete mode

atmosphere when they get down a strange noise goes on the Engineering Technician Samuell Brett tell they they lost a shield but they continue landing they aproaching on the ground slowing, when they reach it one foot of the ship touch in two rocks one small other big and land quickly
Nostromo landing on LV-426

Nostromo landing on LV 426

with force cause very damage and fire the crew use the extintors. After the fires extinguish Parker and Brett tell the others about the damage of the ship lot circuits destroyed and they need fixed Ripley ask how much time Brett tell Parker "17 hours", Parker say "at least 25 hours" and Ripley tell them she will come in the engine room. In the bridge Captain Dallas, Kane, Lambert and Ash continue in the signal and they locate it before they go outside they scanned the surface his cover with nitrogen and carbon dioxide, they decide to investigate, Captain Dallas, Kane and Lambert are chosen to go will Ash watch them in the monitors. When they

Dallas, Kane and Lambert go out of Nostromo.

prepared Ash open the doors Lambert, Kane and Dallas go to elevator when they cannot see Dallas ask Ash if he see them he show yes with the fingers and tell he have contact the three started go to the Beacon. Inside Ripley helping Brett and Parker to fix the damage, Parker ask Ripley what they looking for it that they will receive to, Ripley tell him to not worry that he get want, Brett say that "will not doing any more work until we get this staightened out" and Ripley say to him that he guaranteed by law get to a share, Parker "ask" what Ripley say "what you just fuck off", Parker "ask" again and Brett ask what she say Ripley tell them if they having any trouble that she his in the bridge, hin the joke Parker call her as they laugh Parker close the tube of vapor Parker say "son of bitch" Brett ask "what" Parker release the vapor again. Outside Dallas, Kane and Lambert continue the search

While attempting to land on the barren planet, the vessel has engine trouble and must remain on the surface for repairs. Three crew members -- Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, and Navigation Officer Lambert -- set out to investigate the derelict ship. During their expedition, Ripley discovers that the transmission is a warning, not an SOS.

While searching the ship, Kane encounters a cargo hold filled with eggs. Upon investigation, the egg launches a parasitic organism that attaches itself to his face. When the others take the comatose Kane back to the ship, they discover they cannot remove the parasite without killing him. Several hours later, the parasite dies and Kane awakens. Life seems back to normal on the Nostromo until the parasite inside his body launches itself out of his chest. Kane dies a painful and torturous death as his crew mates watch on in horror. The crew attempts to hunt down the small alien, but it has a surprise for them. The small somewhat frail chestburster has rapidly grown to an eight foot tall killing machine. After Brett's remains are found, they know that something much larger was the cause. The tables are turned, and hunters become the hunted as the alien systematically kills them. At this time, the crew discovers the Company's plans to bring back the alien for their Bio-Weapons Division by any means necessary. Ash, the Science Officer orchestrates this attempt, and even attempts to kill his fellow crew mates.

Lt. Ripley, the last surviving crew member sees only one way out. She must destroy the Nostromo with the alien onboard. She sets the self-destruct on the Nostromo and escapes in a shuttle, but there will be one last battle. The alien has stowed away aboard the shuttle, and in the final face off, she blows it out of the airlock.